July 16, 2019

Automated PCRS (urban GIS database)

Terra3D has developed powerful automated tools for automatic urban and road point cloud analysis. These tools can be used to create GIS vector data bases. In particular it can be used to match the PCRS (which stands for Plan Corps de Rue Simplifié)


PCRS is a norm that defines GIS vector maps for urban asset management and network planning. This norm is defined by the French government, it will be mandatory for cities to be able to provide PCRS to all network managers (eletric, water and gas) before 2026. The PCRS provides a common reference for various use cases.


Terra3D developed an automated pipeline to process point cloud data acquired by mobile mapping to generate PCRS maps automatically. This pipeline consist of 2 steps:

  • Point cloud classification : compute for each point an integer label that represents the semantic class to which it belongs (i.e. tree, wall, road...)
  • Point cloud vectorization : transform each detected and classified object to a vector entity. Each entity can hold attributes (for example height for trees).
Raw unprocessed point cloud. Here the point cloud is colored, each point holds RGB information.
Automatically classified point cloud. Each class is represented as a color.
Automatically vectorized point cloud. Vectorized classes are : curb, road marking, and walls.

Use Cases

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