July 17, 2019

Real-time rendering of 3D point clouds


H. Bouchiba, J-E. Deschaud and F. Goulette, (2018). « Raw point cloud deferred shading through screen space pyramidal operators ». Short paper. Eurographics 2018, the 39th Annual Conference of the European Association for Computer Graphics. Delft, Netherlands

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3D Powerlines Inspection

Introduction This publication aims at illustrating the use of 3D LiDAR technology to powerlines inspection tasks. We will see the advantages of this powerful technology and we will explain why 3D data processing is the bottleneck in this use case. Then, we will show how our solution T3D Powerlines has been successfully applied for large-scale […]

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How we evaluate the performances of our classification softwares

People often wonder what the success rate (or the accuracy) of our automated classification softwares are. Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to that question. In this article, we describe what we think is the most scientific way to assess a classification performance and how some of our clients choose to complement the quantitative indices with […]

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From Paris to Fontainebleau

At Terra3D we love ping pong. But more than that we really (really) love cycling. Besides, we also have two sites in Parisian region : one at Paris, in the heart of the city of love, and another in Fontainebleau, a city renowned for the forest of Fontainebleau and for the historic Chateau de Fontainebleau, just […]

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